Are Just Some Of The Frustrations For a Hairstylist

About Six Figure Stylist

The Six Figure Stylist will coach and teach hairstylist to reach your full potential.  Guide you to grow your company in a way that will benefit you as a stylist, grow your business and make you money. Our longterm goal at Six Figure Stylist is to enhance each hairstylist by bringing out their potential you already have to become a Six Figure PLUS Stylist. We appreciate every hairstylist through your support it allows us to continue to grow and develop others.         

Meet Our Founder Adrienne Velazquez

For as long as she can remember, she have had an affinity for all thing’s hair and education. Styling hair is something that has always come to her naturally, so she took her gift and ran into a world of beauty. 

Adrienne artistic reach has expanded well beyond the salon, into a world of education. Adrienne have become one of the most sought-after stylists/ coaches globally for education on unique salon business and hairstyling. 

I am currently a global educator/platform artist for Keratin Complex and Babyliss. I performed as a Brazilian blowout Global Educator/Regional Manager, and Platform Artist. 

My experience in the beauty and education industry I have been able to educate other hairstylist how they earn over $100k a year. I have been able to work with some of the biggest hairstylist/salons to help grow their business.

Happy customer

During our one on ones I was able to gain a better understanding of what I needed to fix and bridge the gaps to help my salon business continue grow. I was able to have a clear understanding of why policies within my salon are important for the growth of everyone. I also gained more knowledge in the area of having my team develop goals in their area of weakness that will help to grow them as a successful stylist as well my salon. Her time, compassion and thoroughness during our time allowed me to see that this was not just a cookie cutter system but if you applied the tools and knowledge she provides your business will truly flourish.

Latish Murphy

I’ve learned that in order for a business to be successful you must know how to perform all main avenues of the business. 2) I’ve also learned that it is best to hire for personality instead of skill set. If you have an employee that is willing to learn and has a great personality, you can train them to learn to task needed. 60% of the beauty industry is about personality and 25% is about skill set😉. Thank you Adrienne another top stylist.

Tisha Adams

To call myself a great hairstylist I must first give credit to Adrienne! There are so many amazing things about myself I can attribute to training under Adrienne that I’m sure I would miss trying to list, but first and foremost I would have never imagined or really gone for my dreams without the example, lessons and motivation brought forth from her. She brought me out of my shell in the hair industry and helped me see my potential. As minority women in this career we must stick together and always strive to encourage and uplift each other. So I’m order to compliment her I must first thank her. So thank you Adrienne, thank you for your success and your example of a strong and talented leader, I wish you nothing but the very best!

“E” — Raleigh, NC

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